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Electronic Toll Collection

RFID technology can dramatically decrease vehicle queuing at automobile toll plazas, speed throughput, and significantly improve the quality of life for commuters and communities. Electronic toll collection transactions to occur under normal highway driving conditions. Open road tolling eliminates plaza barriers and creates a new toll road design that mitigates congestion. High occupancy vehicle tolling is an extension of electronic toll collection. It is also a concept that is rapidly gaining favor with transportation agencies and planners as it allows them to make better use of the often underutilized high occupancy vehicles. With high occupancy tolling, single occupant vehicles (SOVs) can drive on HOV lanes for a fee. Open road tolling gives toll authorities the flexibility to set variable pricing for toll services. Pricing types include premiums or discounts based on the time of day and congestion level. Variable pricing models can be pre-established, or modified in real time, responding to existing traffic situations. Variable pricing allows the transportation authority to maximize the use of HOV lanes.