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How it works

SDP tie tags

A SDP tie or tie-wrap, also known as a zip tie,[1] is a type of fastener, for holding items together. SDP tie tag also known as Tag, transponder or responded. This tags made of special plastic , tag chip and antenna and special locking system ,which once locked cannot open until we cut it down as well as it is scratch resistant and waterproof too. This tag is suitable for any surface , like automobile parts, airplane parts, plastic buckets etc because of their low cost and ease of use, tie-wraps are ubiquitous, finding use in a wide range of other applications & available in different colors and sizes..

Product Specifications

  •  Total Length : 270mm
  • Flat head Dimensions: 13mm-28mm
  • Max Dimeters: 75mm
  • Support ISO : ISO/IEC14443
  • Chip: SDP


  •  >180 Bytes User Programmable Read/Write memory.


  •  Operating Mode:Passive (Battery -less Transponder)


  • Storage Temp: -40°C to +85°C
  • Operating Temp : -25°C to +85° C


  • Other IC Type on request
  • Adhesive backing for easy mounting