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Small RFID Chips, here compared to a dot(.)
RFID is the wireless use to transfer data, for the purpose of automatically identifying and tracking products. the tags contain electronically stored information.

Classroom Entry/Exit

1. Each Classroom entrance will have one UHF Reader and Antenna installed on it.

2. It will work as first detection basis meaning, if a student is first detected at IN Reader followed by OUT Antenna the he/she will considered as IN the class.

3. If a student is first detected at out Reader followed by Out Antenna then he/she will be considered as OUT from the class.

Student Tracking at Bus Stop

1. There will be a UHF RFID Reader installed at each bus's entry gate which has approx. 8 Hrs. power back up and it's Bluetooth enabled.

2. Every Bus assistant will have android table/mobile which also is Bluetooth enabled.

3. Every student is carrying UHF RFID ID Card.

4. Before any student enters, the bus assistant will fetch the students details from central server on his android device assigned only for this particular bus through WiFi connectivity.

5. At the time of student entering the bus students will have to show the cards at the entrance reader.Immediately the student details along with the image will pop up on android device through Bluetooth connectivity. This way bus assistant can verify the students details then and there itself.